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About the Board


The Council of Arab Health Ministers founded the Arab Board of Medical Specializations in Kuwait in 1978 by a decision of the Council of Arab  Health  Ministers of the Arab League

The first session of the newly established Board was held on January 2, 1979 at which time basic guidelines and the structure of the Board were determined, and headquarters in Damascus 

Syrian Arab Republic, non-profit organization.


It aims to improve health services in the Arab world by raising the level of scientific and practical in various disciplines. In addition to the development of health professional performance and development And promoting skills in the field of health disciplines. 

In the field of health services in all of its powers. We have already started to review all the Arab policy of relying on a certificate of foreign 

High ground for the specialist to give the title of doctor. Where to get this certificate is required 

a balance of adequate training, which allows the doctor to do the role effectively  disengagement is not a loss of time and money, and deprive the nation of physician services during the period of his absence for a foreign certificate, in addition to the great difficulties experienced by the doctor when you search for a training center gives him the skill  Medical required.


Goals of The Board 


• To work toward the improvement of the health services in the Arab World 

• To set comprehensive and uniform standards for the establishment of postgraduate physician training centers in the various medical specialties

• To establish a basis for the uniform assessment of training programs and the scientific, technical, and practical proficiency of the physician trainees


Function of the Board 


• To establish an independent Board for each specialty beginning with the major specialties

• To establish a certification procedure for each medical specialty

• To organize teaching and training sessions for the resident physicians in conjunction with teaching institutions in the Arab World

• To promote the acquisition of continuous medical education and expertise

• To promote the use of the Arabic language in medical education

• To publicize the goals of the Board


Composition of the Board 


The Board is composed of:

• The Supreme Council

• The Executive Office

• Individual Scientific Councils for each   specialization

• The Joint Consultative Scientific Council

• General Secretariat


The General Secretariat:


1 - An office headed by the Secretary-General to implement the decisions of the Supreme and the Executive Office of the Arab Board for Medical Specialties and walks of Technical Affairs and Administration and Finance, Secretary General shall be ex officio a decision of the Supreme Commission and the Executive Office and all the committees and conferences convened by the Council to be held. He may delegate these functions in the other.

2 - Assistant Secretary General for Technical Affairs and another for the Administrative and Financial Affairs appointed by the Executive Office.