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The Supreme Council

The Supreme Council shall consists of:


The High Commission consists of:

—Six of the Arab Health Ministers selected by the Council of Arab Health Ministers, at least four of them from the Active Member Countries, and two members from the Executive Office of Arab Health Ministers.

—Three health ministers are chosen as substitutes, at least two of them are doctors.

—Minister of Health in the country of Headquarter.

—Two representatives of each Arab country with active membership in the Council shall be nominated by the Minister of Health. They are chosen from the following agencies: Ministry of Health, universities (faculties of Medicine), the national councils of the specialization, Provided that the two representatives are not from the same agency.  The representative of the Ministry of Health should be from the medical specialists with high medical qualifications, and have practiced medicine for five years at least. The representative of Medical educational institutions should be an associate professor or equivalent at least. It is advisable for the  representative of the national councils of specialization to be the Secretary-General of each council.  

—Arab Representative of the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean World Health Organization.

—Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Doctors.