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Mechanism of recognition of status

The Different between the evaluation process and re-evaluation of the training centers as follows:


* The evaluation process for the first time:

- The training centers want to be recognized training centers in the Arab Board of Health Specializations programs fill the form for recognition.


- Send circulars to the centers to inform them that the recognition will be for a period of 6 years and canceled automatically if the Center did not request re-evaluated after this period. The process of evaluation according to the steps and standards in the Arab Board of health Specializations.:


1) The Hospital or the department sends the application through the Local Council (and if there is no sends the request directly  to the Secretariat General).

2) The Secretariat of the Arab Council,

3) The committee named by the council will visit the center according to a determined date and send its report with the form to the Secretariat of the council. 

4) The center has to issue the necessary visas and accommodation and the provision of travel tickets and a reward for visit of 200 U.S. dollars for each working day and $ 100 for Day before and $ 100 for the day after. 

5) The decision will be taken in the Scientific Council meeting. 

8) Then to inform the the center the decision of  the visiting and how many candidate they allow to admit each year. 

9) The Secretariat of the scientific councils renewed assessment of training centers, which went on to recognize them / 6 / years or more, and set a timetable to end the process of re-evaluation that is scheduled centers for the renewal of recognition depending on the importance and priority so that the Start Centers, which suffers from low in success rates.

10) The training committees appointed member of the Scientific Council shall monitor things and see the progress of training and meeting of trainers and trainees (an inspection visit) visit to take place based on prior arrangement with the Secretariat and which bear the full cost of travel.


* Re-evaluation process:

- Begin to fill out questionnaires for the process and update the Information.

- Centers that address the need to re-assessment, to schedule a re-evaluation visits.

- Request the General Secretariat of the application of scientific councils to re-evaluate the training centers and set a timetable to end the evaluation process.

- A committee of two members, one foreign and one local to visit the center to renew the recognition and the same applies to that visit the steps involved in the application for recognition mentioned in paragraphs (5.6, 7,8)

- Secretariat to carry all the travel expenses of the member and the accommodation and would like to be from the same state and that a reduction of costs. And can use the following solutions and Alkhiart in the evaluation process, according to what you feel appropriate to the Secretariat that after a certain period of time to report what has been accomplished:

- The adoption of memoranda of understanding between the Arab Council and local councils to adopt them in the assessment process and within the countries where there are bodies or local councils and a clear, stable and have consistent standards and accepted by the Arab Council for terms of reference of health.

- The use of universities that have medical schools in the process of evaluation and re-evaluation in accordance with recognized standards within the Council of the Arab.

- By teachers during their travel to oversee the clinical examinations or presence in the country of the Center to conduct inspection visits to assess the centers in coordination with the head of the department to be evaluated.