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Obstetrics And Gynecology Specialty

It was established in 1979

 - The training period of five years spent in a hospital intern and a resident of one or more of the hospitals recognized by the Scientific Council of not less that the length of stay in hospital for six months each.

2 - the trainee must attend lectures and lessons theoretical and scientific councils and other activities that occur in the section in which trains or in other sections see section where the need for his presence and recorded in the log of the annual training brochure.

3 - The trainee must identify the operations that helped or made and the signature of the supervisor of the training and Head of Department

4 - training includes sections on clinical, outpatient and emergency department

5 - Compliance apprentice in force in the Arab Board of Medical Specialties.

Training Curriculum

Study divided the jurisdiction of Obstetrics and Gynecology into three sections the theory and clinical process.

1 - theoretical study

1 - organizing regular lectures for students of specialized studies in each hospital for the training of not less than the annual collections from / 20 / lecture offered by teachers and trainers.

2 - the organization of regular meetings of less than or more meetings in the week, offering one of the topics for discussion involving students and one or more of teachers and trainers.

3 - to encourage the translation of scientific articles during the years of training when possible, then can a student do more than translate the articles Ataiwalhaly these articles to be discussed in the periodic meetings referred to in item II.

4 - Each trainee to prepare scientific research and one during his five years at least five thousand words on the subject of Antekaya he or his coaches based on a number of sources and prefer to start in this research during the second or third year of training.

5 - does not accept the trainee in the final examination unless they submit a copy of which was prepared by the theoretical research during the period of training centers or training centers where, in a period of not more than six months before sitting for the written final exam.

Specifications required in the writing of scientific research Scientific Research

1 - Thread:

- Introduction containing a small brief about the hospital and maternity unit activity and Gynecology

- A detailed description of a particular topic or obstetric gynecology with the express view of the situation and not to the topic.

- To be discussed sobering take into account the methodology of scientific research based on modern scientific literature

2 - scientific language and terminology:

- The lack of spelling errors

- Do not use trade names for drugs

- Scientific terms must be clear and referred to in the book with the names of references.

2 - Clinical Training

1 - ask each trainee to pursue a number of patients at the center who are trained by the potential of this center and follow-up and supervision of the student who is preceded by training under the supervision of a professor or instructor and increase the number of patients each trainee according to the offer in the years competence.

2 - examines the trainee reviews when they enter and organize Mshahdathen Ikdmhen and is responsible for the training and do all the necessary surveys to develop a diagnosis and then oversees the treatment plan developed according to each situation, and afforded patients or supervises the input Thaithen Aracbehn after surgical operations.

3 - co-trainees in the morning and evening visits to the patients and carry out instructions of trainers in Húnhen Anobon and outside working hours to receive emergency cases.

4 - The trainee examines patients in outpatient clinics under the supervision of the coach to do so alone or as provided in the studies and training.

5 - clinical sessions will be held not less than (5 meetings) per week involving students, professors and instructors, discuss clinical cases in which a living.

6 - the trainee is not possible for the final examination unless they submit a document from the department head who served as a proving that he participated in these meetings shared a full and regular and that he completed all the requirements of the training program successfully

3 - hands-on training

1 - graded according to the work of the training program the following:

The first year

Obstetric Business:

- Natural birth when fertile

- Natural birth at Kheros

- Biopsy vulva and restoration

- Natural birth in multiple pregnancy

- The direct supervision of the induction of labor

Women's business

Second Assistant and then first assistant in the operations

- Imaging of the uterus Zlili

- Coagulation of cervical electrical and cooling

- Scraping the uterus to the consequences of dropping

- Management or treatment of gland Bartolan

- Training on laboratory work with respect to jurisdiction

The second year

- Birth, please come rump when fertile

- At birth, please come rump Kheros

- Recycling and clamping

- Caesarean Mini

- Ectopic pregnancy

- Training to care for premature and Baloulid

- Dredging survey

- Dredging in Rahh hydatid

- Ovarian cysts

- Restoration of the vaginal walls

- Hysterectomy under-

- Excision of fibrous nuclei in simple cases

The third year

- Caesarean obtrusive

- Uterine ruptures

- Assistance in full hysterectomy through the abdominal

- Training and boiled Kamoaj modern diagnostic ultrasound and amniocentesis amniotic fluid

- Assistance in Asnisal the uterus through the vagina

- Assist in laparoscopic surgery

- Assistance in the landings reproductive

- Assist in training on the management of complications that occur during surgical interventions in the abdomen.

Fourth year

Continuing training as stated in the third year in addition to the following:

1 - hysterectomy through the abdominal

2 - hysterectomy through the vagina

3 - Laparoscopy

4 - landing the reproductive system

5 - the management of complications that occur during surgical interventions in the abdomen

Fifth year

Continuing training and responsibilities of the doctor give Okprohee a deepening of the fourth year that:

- The surgical trainee works independently

- Deepen the practical skills, especially laparoscopic surgery

- Spend time in the Department of assisted fertility
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1- Be fluent in understanding the Arabic language.
2 - He holds a degree in medicine from an accredited university by the state participating in the program.
3 - must have spent the year rotating internship or graduation either before or after graduation.
4 - He should have obtained a license to practice the profession in the country, which will serve him.
5 - to be accepted into the program of the Scientific Council at the training center recognized for this purpose.
6 - that are recorded each trainee before in the program according to the registration form prepared by the Scientific Council for this purpose and the two remain and one of them when the supervisor of the training or department head in the center and send the second to the General Secretariat of the reservation in the records of the Scientific Council.
7 - to pay the fees annually to the Council of Arab
B. Students are admitted according to the principles laid down by the local training centers.

Examinations held once every six months for the first part of the examination and once a year for the second part of the exam and can hold an extraordinary test clinically in the host country if the number of applicants for 10 doctors to be at least the difference in time to re-exam for six months.
English language exam is exclusively
The Council shall appoint the Arab Testing locations in the light of the number of applicants and their whereabouts
Exam consists of Obstetrics and Gynecology of two parts:

Part I:

1 - exam will be held on the first Sunday of the month of April and the first Sunday of the month of October / October and set the end of February deadline for submission of applications for entry exam the first part, which will take place in April and the end of August / August for the exam in October.

2 - can apply for the exam the first part for the first time, if available in advanced conditions contained in the first four terms of progress on the jurisdiction.

3 - the first part exam includes basic science, especially regarding the obstetric and gynecology and includes the following courses:

- Anatomy

- Biochemistry

- Embryology and cell genetics.

- The Science of Medical Statistics.

- The Science of microbes.

- Pathology and tissue.

- The Science of immunology.

- Physiology

- Pharmacology (Alagherabazin)

4 - be the first part written exam only in the form of multiple choice questions with one answer, a set of 100 questions of the decisions required to be all of one period.

5 - is considered successful if the student received 60% of the total marks at least.

6 - given successful in this part of a document proving his success in it.

7 - opportunities for advancement for the exam the first three opportunities and Examination Each scientific council to give an exceptional opportunity after studying each case individually and if exhausting Ergn bound him for good.

8 - The student retains the right to pass the examination the first written for a period of six years in the absence of progress for the final exam written during this period by the initial re-exam

Part II:

1 - exam will be held on the first Sunday of the month of October / October / of each year

2 - is required to progress to the second part:

- To be a successful candidate in the first part of the exam and went on his success at least two years.

B - having served the full training period of five years training in a hospital or more of the hospitals recognized by the Council under the terms of the recognition that the minimum length of stay in hospital for six months each.

T - to be a resident trainee length of training and graded according to years of responsibility in residence

W - to submit papers in gynecology Oaltoled not less than his words for the five thousand words on the subject of Antekaya he or Antekaya him one of his coaches based on a number of sources and shall be deemed approved by the professor or instructor in the department who work there and look who writes for any of foreign languages ​​should be to submit a summary of it in Arabic.

C - submit a document certified by the professors or instructors at the center or centers that work in proving that he participated in various activities of the department and in at least one or two meetings a week of hearings and clinical session or two sessions a week of discussion sessions, theory and / 20 / of lectures in each year years of training and submit a document signed after surgery assets of the department head and coordinator of the training.

H - The Committee for examination in each of the above documents and then decide to accept or not accept the demand in the exam and inform him in case of refusal the reasons for it.

3 - Part II exam is written:

A - hold a final written exam in the first Sunday of the month of October / November of each year.

B - the exam consists of two papers each paper contains 100 questions.

T - exam will be in the form of multiple choice questions and answer with the one and leave the number of questions and types of the Commission on the exams.

W - is considered successful if the student earned a 60%

C - of the examination centers and training for any change to the pattern of exam questions and questions before at least six months in advance of the exam

H - do not enter the clinical and oral examination only successfully passed the written exam

X - being exam Alawski interval of at least six weeks for the written final exam.

D - the student is successful in the exam if you earned 60% or more of the average components of this exam.

Y - four of the student opportunities to apply for the written final exam that do not exceed twice the last attempt for training and the right of each to give a scientific council after an extraordinary opportunity to study each case separately.

T - the student retains the right to succeed in the written final exam for a period of five years provided in the absence of clinical and oral exam during this period, it re-written final exam.

The clinical and oral or (Alawski):

Does not apply for the clinical and oral exam only succeeded in the written exam

To the student four opportunities to apply for examination and clinical oral + exceptional opportunity that does not exceed the last attempt to double the duration of the training in the absence of his success he must repeat the exam the final written and is entitled to two chances to re-written exam in the absence of his success dismissed from the program and Ergn his record while in case of success entitled him two chances to advance to the clinical and oral examination in the absence of success of the program and separates Ergn registered.

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