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General Surgery

The Trainee Duties in the First Year are:  

1- learning Anatomy.

2- Applying good examination, must know and observe all signs and surgical assets and remarks.

3- Good Clinical observation for patients undergoing a surgery.

4- Doing all required operations by using a needle (IM injection,….Spinal Canal Puncture, Arterial Needle).

5- Good reading to Thoracic X-ray.

6- Good reading to simple Abdominal X-ray.

7- Good knowledge of electronic websites and know how to get information and articles.

8- Preparing specific subjects from surgery books.

9- Know the surgical tools and their uses.

     10-Writing clinical cases.  

The Trainee Duties in the Second Year are:   

1- Good reading to MRI and CT Scan.

2- Doing different punctures to abscess in different places in the abdomen and in thoracic or in the extremities.

3- Doing Surgical Abdominal closure.

4- Patients follow up in intensive care.

5- Offering help in minor and moderate surgeries.

6- Dealing with a specialized medical webs in the internet.

7- Evaluating emergency cases and using Ultra Sound.

8- Showing good skills in using surgical tools and binding sutures.

9- learning the physiology of endoscopic surgery, all theoretical experience related to complications of endoscopic surgery.

The Trainee Duties in the Third Year are:     

1- Making diagnosis and discussion to differential diagnosis under the trainer observation and providing all clinical cases in surgical seminars.

2- Offering help in moderate and major surgical operations and supervising the minor operations done in first year.

3- Offering help in endoscopic surgery and know how to use all equipments and their effect and to what limit it can be used.

The Trainee Duties in the Fourth Year are:

1- To have effective participation in the regular surgeries.

2- Offering help in the major and unique surgeries.

3- Participating in emergency operations in the Emergency department.

4- Doing an effective participation and preparing a discussion for clinical sessions and the complications of surgical operations.

5- To have theoretical knowledge of different surgical complications especially regular and common complications: symptoms, diagnosis and therapies.

6- To have a theoretical knowledge of the radiographic aspects (and what comes out) in regular and rare diseases.

7- Dealing with patients in the surgical care, also going on supervision and observations about patients.

8- Have effective participation in outpatient clinics and following up the patients.   

The Trainee Duties in the Fifth Year are:

1- To have theoretical and surgical knowledge with the regular and common surgeries.

2- To have a theoretical knowledge and helping in infrequent surgeries.

3- To have a theoretical knowledge with the unique surgeries.

4- To have effective participation in operations done in emergency department.

5- To have a theoretical knowledge and surgical therapies in case of complications.

6- reading x-rays in its different forms (and what comes out) of diseases and common complications. 

7- Daily management of some surgery departments and management of specialty for students. Also preparing for seminars and meetings to develop the capability of students to manage. 

8- Lecturing and providing clinical cases in Arabic and English languages, good usage of terms and ability to communicate with colleague and regular patients in both languages.

To be responsible for outpatient clinics and patients follow up.

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