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Family Medicine

Distribution of the training program :

The training program is distributed into four years according to the following table which demonstrates theoretical and practical sheets required in program and the total duration allocated:

Sheet Name

Time Duration

Entrance to Family and Community Medicine

2 months

Internal Medicine

5 months


4 months

Obstetrics and Gynecology

3 months

Surgery in all specialties including Orthopedic Surgery

3 months

Ophthalmic Diseases

2 months

ENT Diseases

2 months

Dermatologic Diseases

2 months

Psychiatric Diseases

2 months

Emergency Medicine

2 months

Radiology and Laboratory (diagnose procedures)

                       1 month

Community Medicine

2 months

Family Medicine (continuously in the training center)

9 months

Optional programs and selected subjects in primary care

5 months

Annual vacations

4 months in total one month for each year

Overall training time duration 

48 months


The followings should be considered when training is distributed into four years:

- More time should be consumed in training in important specialties in Family Medicine.

- The optional duration should be distributed into the last three years depending on the trainers' needs, the training program recommendations and the supervisor. This must serve developing skills in programs related to Family Medicine. The followings are some examples of optional programs:

· Nutrition

· Health education

· Natural treatment

· Rehabilitation

· Psychiatric treatment

· Athletic Medicine

· School Health

· Passenger Health

· Professional Medicine

· Periodic examination of the children

· Health Care for diabetic Patients

· Chronic Diseases

· Endemic Diseases

· Elderly Care

· Home Care

· Psychological Health of Children

· Medical Review

· Care for the Disabled

· Community Psychiatry Medicine

· Adolescent Health

- Work should be continued by weekly visit to the training center in the first three years.

- Continuous work in the centre or in the training centers should not be less than 9 months in the last year to achieve the aim of continuing health care and creating the relation of communication with those who attend the training center.

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