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Psychiatry Specialty

Years of Clinical Training

The duration of clinical training is four years (48 months including one month as yearly vacation) according to the following schedule:   

The first year:

1- During the first year the trainee should collect enough information and must possess experience and qualification to take the first part of examination. He must be given the priority to practice general psychiatry(18 months at least) to develop his experience in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic cases. He should be able to manage having enough information from patient and demonstrate reasons and ways of thinking which were done to reach that goal, so that at the end of the first year the trainee should possess qualification to get information from the patient and can diagnose and treat most cases known in general psychiatry.

2- The prior schedule should be under continuous supervision and continuous guidance from certified trainers.

3- The trainee should attend educational meetings and active related seminars every week; this includes cases discussion and attending lectures, seminars and forums of researches in psychiatry.

The Second and Third Year:

during the second and third year the trainee should collect sufficient information and skills. He must be practically trained in the general and specific field of psychiatric disturbances, and this must be included as an example for the following fields:




Alcohol & drug abuse (3 months)

Community & social psychiatry

Mental Retardation and people with special needs

Junction psychiatry including Neurological Disorders

Forensic psychiatry

Rehabilitation of the long term patients

Physical and chemical Disorders

Child and adolescent psychiatry (3 months)

Old age psychiatry


The Fourth Year:

During the fourth year the trainee should collect enough information and enough practical skills in the field of general psychiatry and some specialized skills; therefore this year is considered the last chance before completing the program and adding additional information and skills. This year should be spent by doing scientific research or spent in training in another program inside or outside the country in one subspecialty if available in coordination with a direct supervision from training supervisor in the program.   


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