Arab Board for Health Specializations Continuing Medical Education

I. Introduction:

  The Arab Board for Health Specializations (ABHS) aims at advancing the medical knowledge in the Arab countries. ABHS offers training programs and administer certification examinations in various medical specialties. This helps keep physicians up to date and abreast of medicine up to that point in their training. Post training continuing medical education and professional development is a pressing interest of all professional societies and health care organizations worldwide. 


II. Objectives

The objectives of our CME program are:

1. To standardize and enhance the medical educational activities across the Arab World.

2. To help the Arab physicians improve their medical knowledge, skills and professional development and keep abreast with the latest advances in their field.

3. To help physicians maintain their certifications, licensures, and credentials.

4. To determine and accredit the entities that can provide continuing medical education and training activities.

5. To enable ministries of health in the Arab countries improve their licensure requirements.


III. Types of training and continuing medical education activities

There are several types of activities that can be accredited by ABHS for the proposed CME program. Some examples are listed below, however the potentials are multiple especially in the era of videoconferencing, internet abilities, etc.:

1. Lecture: an oral presentation of information about a particular subject in a set time frame.

2. Workshop: practical training in a particular subject aims at developing the skills of the practitioners and conducted by qualified trainers and expertise.

3. Conference: a format where multiple lectures are presented by specialized trainers on specific types at predetermined times.

4. Symposium: an open forum where scientific papers from specialists are presented.

5. Internal activities: any educational or training activities performed inside a health care organization.

6. Video linked activity: Any of the above activities that could be held virtually by video link. 


IV. Entities that can be accredited to offer CME activities

Due to the particular nature of this effort, it is important to ensure an objectives non-biased administration of all activities. As such certain entities can be accredited to offer CME activities but not others. 

A. Entities that are allowed to offer CME activities.

1. Universities and health science colleges.

2. Governmental, military or private hospitals that have a body that oversees educational activities

3. Governmental and private health care centers that have a body that oversees educational activities

4. Recognized professional societies and associations

5. Non-for-profit health science education and training institute

6. Private education and training companies that administer CME activities

B. Entities that are not allowed to offer CME activities

1. Medical companies such as pharmaceutical and medical equipments


V. The process of accrediting CME activities

A. General Activities:

The following are the requirements to obtain CME credit for a particular activity.

1. To be organized, conducted, and supervised by an ABHS accredited entity

2. To be a scientific activity with clearly stated learning objectives

3. To have a statement of need justifying such an activity 

4. To have a specified target audience

5. The speakers should be specialized in the topic they are presenting

6. To have a specific agenda depicting the date and time of each lecture

7. To give the meeting certificate by the sponsoring entity including the activity name, date, number of hours, and the full name of the participant as well as the date, number of ABHS accreditation, and the number of accreditation hours

B. Internal activities:

Internal activities should meet all the criteria mentioned above. 

C. Location: Activities held inside or outside the Arab countries could be accredited by ABHS-CME if they meet all the criteria.

D. Virtual internet and electronic activities could be accredited by ABHS-CME if they meet all the criteria. Only virtual activities that are scheduled and can prove the attendance of the participants will be allowed. 

E. Non-scheduled virtual activities will require prior approval of ABHS

F. Journal and published materials:

Journal and published materials CME would be acceptable with prior approval of the ABHS.


Fees for CME Activity Accreditation

Activities fee will be determined per hours accredited.

The fee will be calculated as 10USD/hour with a minimum of 50 USD .


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